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Exceptional Virtual Presentations (E-learning)

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Keeping participants engaged during online presentations can be VERY difficult because the number of distractions are incredibly high. Online etiquette has not really been established, so people feel like they can multi-task without fear of repercussion. Very specific behaviors need to be learned to engage your audience so that they don’t get bored or begin multi-tasking while you present. This training will give you the skills required to keep your participants virtually engaged and listening.


  • Structuring your message
  • Establishing the norms
  • Setting up your virtual room & appearance
  • Engaging and re-engaging your audiences attention
  • Engaging the audience
  • Your online visuals


Managers who want to climb the ladder and professionals who represent diverse functions, industries, and countries. The program is suitable for participants from organizations of any size. Teams are welcome.




Start date  : 21-09-2021

End date :27-09-2021

Hours : 2 online sessions (Teams) / once a week 2 hours  (16.00-18.00)

The link to access the virtual classroom will be sent to you after registration.

Days: Tuesday, 21-09-2021 and Monday, 27-09-2021


Dirk Daenen, communication expert at the Ministry of Education, has lectured at universities around the world. He has given seminars at the European Parliament and Commission and assists a range of companies and people on public speaking. Dirk’s true passion is TED Talks. Dirk hosted his first TEDx talk in 2014 and has coached over 100 speakers to be on stage. He is currently the organizer for TEDxLuxembourgCity.

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