Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be all around us these days. From systems which enhance the pictures we take with our cell phone cameras, to the algorithms which control our newsfeeds and the services which filter out spam from our incoming emails.

In this course we will cut through the hype and you will develop a foundational knowledge of the different concepts, the terminology and the application fields of AI. During a few simple workshops you will be able to experience different types of machine learning and recognize the significance of data in the process.


  • You understand what Artificial Intelligence is, where it is used and how it impacts our lives
  • You are able to explain the different concepts related to AI and navigate the corresponding terminology (Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Genetic Algorithms, …)
  • You are aware of potential pitfalls, ethical concerns and caveats with regards to the use of AI


  • What is AI ?
  • Understanding Data
  • Applications of AI
  • Workshop 1 – AI Experiments
  • A closer look at Machine Learning
  • Workshop 2 – Visual Quality Control
  • Capabilities and limitations of AI
  • AI in your company


  • Presentations
  • Practical Workshops
  • Open Discussions




A certificate of participation will be issued to participants.


  • 30.06.2023 and 07.07.2023
  • 13.30 heures – 17.00 heures


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