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Introduction to Industrial Data Mining

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 Introduction to Industrial Data Mining

The advances of digitalization do not stop at the industrial environment. With these advances we are able to gather and store more data than ever before. In order to analyse these amounts of data, we can make use of approaches commonly referred to as Data Mining. By employing data mining in the industrial environment, we can discover new knowledge and gain new insights about our processes, which we can use to optimize them further.   

In this course you will develop the foundational knowledge of the different concepts, the terminology and the application fields of Data Mining. During a number of simple workshops you will experience the different steps of the KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) cycle and make excursions to the related fields of statistics, data visualization and machine learning.


  • You understand what Data Mining is, where it is used and what you can gain from it.
  • You are able to explain the different steps in the KDD cycle and have a basic knowledge about their implementation.


  • Introduction
  • Motivation
  • What is Big Data
  • KDD Cycle
  • Workshop 1 : Data Visualisation
  • Workshop 2 : Data Preprocessing & Transformation
  • Workshop 3 : Data Mining
  • Interpretation and Evaluation
  • Conclusion


  • Presentations
  • Practical Workshops
  • Open Discussions




A certificate of participation will be issued to participants.


  • 08.06.2023 and 15.06.2023
  • 13.30 heures – 17.00 heures


CNFPC Sommet
22, rue Henri Koch


CNFPC ESCH – Site Sommet

Mélanie Archen
+352 55 89 87 – 211