Application of the Problem Solving method

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  • Any individual wishing to acquire knowledge in Creativity

Improving operational excellence has become the cornerstone of any corporate strategy in terms of productivity, quality and cost reduction.

The aim of this training program is to enable the learner to discover methods in consideration of increasing the added value of products and/or manufacturing processes.


  • Provide an overview of Operational Excellence concepts and key tools such as 5S, Visual Management, Standardized Work and Problem Solving.
  • Theoretical training, with theoretical and practical explanations of different problem-solving methods.
  • Practical application of two different problem-solving methods on a real production line, taking into account participants’ individual situations.


  • What is Problem Solving?
  • Objectives of Problem Solving
  • The 8 steps of Problem Solving
  • The FISHY method, 5WHY’s, 5W and 1 H,  and the A3 Problem solving method, applied to real problems on a production line.





  • Session of 16/05/2024

Hours : 3 hours (18.00-21.00)

Location : CNFPC -Site Sommet 22 rue Henri Koch L-4354 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE


Serge Orban began his career as an engineer in industry. He quickly moved into personnel management, before setting up a Lean Six Sigma consultancy which he ran for 8 years, from 2001 to 2009, working with numerous Fortune 500 companies throughout Europe. He then returned to industry as a plant manager, before becoming Director of Continuous Improvement, responsible for implementing an operational excellence program. Later, he became Operations Director, overseeing 5 manufacturing sites with over 2000 employees.

Finally, Serge decided to redirect his career and join CNCPC as a trainer, with the main aim of implementing an Industry 4.0-style learning and experience laboratory.


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