Creativity workshop: Learn to be creative (again)

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  • Any individual wishing to acquire knowledge in Creativity

Creativity is often misunderstood, and most of time people tend to think of themselves as being non-creative.

This course is about correcting that wrong impression, demonstrating that each one of us used to be creative, and that we all can learn how to recapture that creativity.


  • Provide an overview of the process of how creativity works in our mind(s), why most of us have lost the ability to be a creative thinker, and how we can learn to become creative again
  • Take a deeper insight into how the human brain works, learn to differentiate between the two main competing thought processes, i.e. Divergent and Convergent thinking.
  • Double the number ideas generated by each individual on any given challenge


  • What is Creativity ?
  • Is creativity learned or unlearned
  • The difference between divergent and convergent thinking
  • Doing group ideation and creativity exercises to regain our capacity to come up with creative solutions to all kinds of situations and problems





  • 18/04/2024
  • 13/06/2024

Hours : 3 hours (18.00-21.00)

Location : CNFPC -Site Sommet 22 rue Henri Koch L-4354 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE


Serge Orban began his career as an engineer in industry. He quickly moved into personnel management, before setting up a Lean Six Sigma consultancy which he ran for 8 years, from 2001 to 2009, working with numerous Fortune 500 companies throughout Europe. He then returned to industry as a plant manager, before becoming Director of Continuous Improvement, responsible for implementing an operational excellence program. Later, he became Operations Director, overseeing 5 manufacturing sites with over 2000 employees.

Finally, Serge decided to redirect his career and join CNCPC as a trainer, with the main aim of implementing an Industry 4.0-style learning and experience laboratory.


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