OpEx lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Training – Workshop 1

64 Hours
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Session 1: Define
 Day 1Day 2
MorningSPACERRecap Day 1, Agenda Day 2
 Introduction to OpEx and Lean Six SigmaThought Process Map
 Project CharterTeam Facilitation
 Project Charter creation for own projectIntroduction to Problem Solving
Afternoon5SBasic Problem Solving Tools
 Standard WorkAdvanced Problem Solving Tools and application on FoF
 Visual ManagementDefine Phase Review (Quiz)
 Discovery of Factory of the the Future (FoF)Outlook for Session 2: homework assignments
Session 2: Measure
 Day 3Day 4
MorningRecap Session 1, Agenda Session 2Recap Day 3, Agenda Day 4
 Voice of the Customer and SIPOCData collection planning
 Value Stream MapBasic Statistics
 Process MapChange Management
AfternoonProcess Mapping of FoFBaseline studies
 C&E MatrixTransactional studies and survey design
 Team DynamicsMeasure Phase Review (Quiz)
 Practicing team dynamicsOutlook for Session 3: homework assignments
Session 3: Analyze
 Day 5Day 6
MorningRecap Session 2, Agenda Session 3Recap Day 5, Agenda Day 6
 Project ManagementData Validation-Measurement System Analysis
 Introduction to Control chartsMSA on FoF parts
 Application of control charts on FoFIntroduction to Hypothesis Testing
AfternoonFailure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)Linear Regression
 Generating an FMEA on FoFAnalyze Phase Review (Quiz)
 Process CapabilityOutlook for Session 4: homework assignments
Session 4: Improve & Control
 Day 7Day 8
MorningRecap Session 3, Agenda Session 4Recap Day 7, Agenda Day 8
 Introduction to Design of ExperimentsApproaches to Process Improvements
 DOE on FoFGenerating a list of process improvements for FoF
 Analysis of DOE resultsImprove Phase Review (Quiz)
AfternoonIntroduction to CreativityControl Plan
 Generating improvements ideas for FoFConrol Phase Review (Quiz)
 Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing Your New Process)Building a Roadmap for OpEx per participant




Workshop 1:

19/09/2024 – 08/11/2024

  • 19 + 20/09/2024
  • 03 + 04/10/2024
  • 17 + 18/10/2024
  • 07 + 08/11/2024

Hours : twice a week 16 hours (09.00-17.00)

Location : CNFPC -Site Sommet 22 rue Henri Koch L-4354 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE


Course ID: 9878

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Mélanie ARCHEN
Tél.: 55 89 87 -211